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Datatune inspires optimal collaboration by helping people get a deeper understanding of data and each other. The same goes for our own organisation. By joining Datatune, you’ll be part of a team where everyone is on the same page to deliver craftsmanship together. And although we take every assignment seriously, there’s room enough to have fun. We’re all about feeling good at what we do, learning continuously and – yes – enjoying life outside of work. Overall, we’re proud of what we realize together: uniting people around data.

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  • You always interact in a friendly, honest and trustworthy way.
  • You value craftsmanship and you’re keen on learning new things.
  • Other people’s stories and pursuits genuinely interest you.
  • With your entrepreneurial spirit, you always have a sense of involvement and you dare to take initiative.
  • Being pampered isn’t your thing: you are an independent professional who asks to be coached whenever you deem it necessary.
  • You believe smart work is always rewarded. Focusing on your strengths, you boost the team whenever you can.
  • Convinced that change is good, you are open to innovation, different opinions and cultures. You’re not afraid to open a constructive debate.
  • You have a true passion for data and technology.