Bridge builders with a passion for data and people

We combine technical expertise with a strong sense of communication

At Datatune, we want to help people make better decisions through a deeper understanding of data and of each other. Our mission is inspired by our experiences with numerous data-driven projects throughout the years. Discover how we unite people around data.

Being data enthusiasts who worked on countless projects, we founded Datatune as we noticed that too many companies don’t use data in the right manner or to its full potential.

Looking confidently at each challenge, Datatune aims for data communities where everyone understands each other’s language and where opportunities are not missed, resulting in an optimal performance.

  • We build bridges – between business and IT, between knowledge and practice, between plan and result. We combine our strengths as experienced mediators with a down-to-earth, hands-on approach, with which we really get the work done that has sometimes been left unfinished for too long. This is how we get all parties involved.
  • We offer a unique blend of technical knowledge, a sense of clear communication and human understanding. We not only ensure that you get more out of technology, but also that the knowledge of everyone involved grows and that the mindset within the organisation evolves.
  • We put our values into practice. We believe in true craftsmanship as the way to a close relationship of trust with our customers. We place integrity first, because we see it as the basis for lasting relationships. And with our strong drive, we swiftly deliver solutions that continuously add value within the organisation.

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Hannes Cassiers + Bart Buvens

Hannes is much more than your typical business intelligence and data warehouse analyst. Driven by his passion for people and data, he builds bridges between business and IT. Moreover, he moulds data until it truly brings value to business. As a functional analyst, he has broad experience in CRM, Sales, HR and Financial data domains. His strong technical background also enables him to build fitting business intelligence solutions.

True to the Datatune way, Hannes also happily invests in life besides work, which stimulates his creativity. He enjoys time with his wonderful wife and his 3 children, plays guitar like a madman and practices various sports.

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A real data enthusiast, Bart puts his motto Together You Achieve More into practice every day. Throughout time, he had numerous data-related roles in IT – from data developer to project manager, from solution architect to business developer. All those roles enriched Bart’s talent to bridge gaps and stimulate collaboration.

In his private life, Bart loves running and cycling, both actively and as a supporter. As a proud father and ex-soccer player, he deeply enjoys watching soccer games of his children. He also loves spending quality time with his wonderful wife and he’s quite handy when it comes to chores in and around the house.

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